Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Late...But Here I am!

Last Tues., we had a wonderful day with all of us together. Karen has been a little "under the weather", so it was a happy day to have us all in one place. We met at Jan's studio. She has done some major organizing in there and it looks so nice. She made us her special muffins and some great dip for lunch time. April brought us a whole bag of goodies to go through and take home. That is so fun when we all share things we find. Right away, Karen made the cutest card out of the cards April gave us.

We passed out our calendars as we had decided to make each other calendars again this year. Each of us will do 2-3 pages on the calendars and then rotate them to the next person. We have done this for a couple of years now and all of us really enjoy the results and get to have them on our walls for a year. Since Lyla doesn't live in either Jewell or Longbeach Peninsula, we will be mailing hers back and forth to put in the different calendars. We are so glad she wanted to do it with us this year!

Mary brought the travelling doll, Sara, from the Mary Jane's Farm barter group. She had just been to Alabama and will be heading to Kentucky when she leaves Long Beach. Along the way, people have added to her wardrobe and sent souvenirs with her. While in Long Beach, she added a small glass float, a new knitted cap for colder days ahead, and seeds that she helped Mary get from the garden. Pinky, especially enjoyed getting Sara ready for her trip to Kentucky in her cowgirl outfit. Pinky always did like to play with dolls when she was little :>))


  1. It was fun getting a look at Sara and her traveling wardrobe although it was hard to get a good look at her since Pinky hogged her;-)