Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday at Karen's...

We had such a wonderful day at Karen's house. I just love her place...she has it all decorated western and sooooo neat!

I had to show you a lot of what goes on those Tuesdays...Take a look at this plate. Karen served us the most yummy lunch. Sometimes we take our lunches and sometimes we get special treats like this!

Jan started a new project with beautiful blue beads with a sparkle of gold thrown in for good measure. As you can see, she's only just begun, so it will be exciting to see how she finishes it up. She is stitching on a piece of felt.

I feel really lame today as on Tuesday I didn't take my usual pics and really don't have much to share with you today. I think I was on jetlag from the trip Pinky and I took with our girls to Depoe Bay.

If anyone else has some pics to post from last week...go for it!

All I have here is some cards I started and some pieces of the calendar I am doing for Karen.

Jan gave us all 4 glue sticks that she got a good buy on. She knows we will put them to good use. Thanks, Jan!


ps...note I put the food on two times. What does that tell you??????


  1. It tells me you don't know how to delete a photo;-) Thanks for posting, Mary. You did better than I did since I didn't remember to bring my camera. It was a fun time, again!

  2. That food realy looks yummy, Karen.

    I cant wait to see Jan's heart when it is done. Please bring your camara next time, so we can witness your lovlely art work

    Your cards turned out very well Mary.

  3. Mary, you crack me up! The food was so good it deserved TWO photos! Too funny! Thanks for being so faithful to even get those pictures taken. I've come to rely on you and Jan to be our photographers. With you being gone next week, I might have to take up the slack. :~D You got a lot of cards done, so good for you! I was working on Halloween cards, so I would have wanted to keep them hidden from you anyway. You'll just have to wait, Mary!