Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before Halloween @Jan's

Halloween ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) by Jan.  Sorry that Pinky and Mary weren't able to make it, they will get theirs next week.

April was embroidering a quilt block that will be part of a gift quilt for her cousin who is getting married. That might not be the exact story, but it is something like that.   It is lovely, April does exquisite embroidery. 

Karen was working in her personal journal book.  She says it is such a relaxing activity for her.  It is super cool.  Lots of nature inspired imagery.

Joan is knitting herself a hat that will be felted down.  If she ever finishes it;-) Notice our mascot Rocky snoozing in the background?
More pages from Karen's journal.

It was another fun day even though it poured down rain and April had to leave too soon.  Karen and Joan stayed until nearly 4pm and we sat talking.  Chain saw man came down and brought fresh salsa for them to take home.  He makes the best salsa around.

Next week we will be meeting at Joan's to celebrate Pinky's birthday!  We will also trade our Round Robin calendars and reveal our altered cigar boxes.  Should be fun!!  Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!
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  1. Jan, thank you for posting this week...good job!!!
    I was sorry to have missed a Tues...but glad you all had such fun. All your projects look great. Where was yours, Jan???? The embroidery looks really good, April. Can't wait to see more next week. Karen, your work is always sooo neat! I am happy you are making a journal for yourself to keep. Joan, we are anxious to see you wearing your new hat for this winter...nice and cozy. See you all on Tues. at Joan's.

  2. I forgot to say what fun trading cards you made!

  3. your pages. They are just so cool. I can tell how much you enjoy working on them, too! It shows! In person...and on film! Joan, I love how close you're getting to finishing your knitted cap. It's gonna be so beautiful! didn't post any of the calendar pages that you were working on! (I didn't want a preview before next week.) Thanks for the neat Halloween ATC, Jan! Happy Halloween to all of you, too!

  4. Always I am so amazed what you girls do handicrafts, enlarged every foto and discovered many details. Rockey for example and little resemblance with your place with my place, Jan ;-). Please show the not finished projects when ready, the quilt blog, what a nice quilting, and the felted hat I am very curious about that.

  5. I hope there will be photos of the altered cigar boxes? It's one of my favorite interests, although I don't do it too often myself.

    Happy Birthday to Pinky...fellow scorpio!