Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was working on some things for my calendar trade off, a birthday card for my daughter, some tags, and some just generally goofing around :>))

On Jessi's BD card I used pieces of what might have been an old scrabble game or something similar that I found at a garage sale...before they were wood. These are kind of a tag board. I lightly pressed them into distressed ink for the antiqued look.

April started a new beading project. She used buttons and a silk flower to start and is starting to embellish with her beading. I believe she based it all on felt. Can't wait to see what it looks like when she is done.

Jan started the most beautiful peyote stitch bead by doing the peyote stitch around a tooth pick. Once she had the length she desired, she started adding depth to it as you can see by the added beads. I used this pic so you you could see both processes...wonderful!

Pinky was working on some Christmas iris folding cards today. She does an amazing job on these. She tries to find oragami paper to use for the folding as it is very thin and folds nicely. As we were almost done, she was making a swag out of punched leaves that turned out wonderful. She is going to try a wreath out of the same punch.

I put Karen's Halloween cards on top because we are getting closer to it. Aren't they neat? She loves crows and ravens and these are so perfect for Halloween. It is fun to watch her start and finish a card or ATC. She uses everything she finds to add to her work. One of Pinky's halloween napkins disappeared, so we may see it soon on a card or ATC :>))



  1. Oh, Mary, thanks again for posting! We had such a sweet time. That Pinky gave us the most wonderful lunch! We even got mayo! Thanks, Pink! As for all the work that got done...yikes! Tons and tons! Mary you were really productive. Great cards, mini's & ATC starts. Karen...all I can say is Wow! Those Halloween cards are cool! Pinky..your iris folding is just so lovely. Beautiful gifts! Jan, your bead is great! I'm so impressed with how you can read directions and actually UNDERSTAND them. I'm a little jealous! Once you get that figured out, maybe you'd like to give us a little workshop on making that bead? Hmmmm? I'd LOVE to have you show us! Thanks, too, for showing me how to use the peyote stitch to attach my embellishment to my felt project. As to what it will become...I don't know yet. Great day, ladies! Like that's a surprise, huh?

  2. Gosh what a talented bunch we are;-) It's true, we were all so busy yesterday that we barely even talked! It was another great day! Thanks for posting, Mary.