Saturday, October 9, 2010

April's Bead work

April caught the beading bug from me. Look at these wonderful creations she has made! I love the beaded flower, shown in more detail below. She used a paper crafting flower in the center, and beaded around it. I love the shape.
Below you can see the other interesting pieces she made. That first heart she made is terrific, and the round shape is wonderful.
We had a guest visitor last week when we met at April's. This is Cathy, who went to high school with April and Jan. That was a year or two ago;-) but April and Cathy stayed in contact and I'm glad. Cathy is a great gal, very creative in her own right. She brought some knitting to work on. If you noticed all the flowers behind her, those are bouquets that April made for all of us to take home, she picked them all from her garden. They are so gorgeous! She is so generous! Thanks April!
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  1. April's work is just beautiful. I just have to try this beading, it looks so fun.

  2. April your beadings ae so beautifull. I envy you. :). I would like to learn that kind of beading too


  3. First I thought you made the hearts, Jan. That is a nice idea to put the handicrafts into a book to collect them. I have a great respect of the work of your group!! Perhaps April can also show a picture of her garden on the blog, it must be a very nice one with a lot of flowers in it.

  4. Awesome...what a wonderful thing to catch!