Thursday, May 6, 2010

Karen's Challenge...

Karen couldn't just do one challenge...she did two and both of them were so her. She really knows how to use every scrap of paper she has to make something so neat. Each one is so great. Look at them up close (double click) and you will see all the detail she puts into her work. I am always amazed at all of these women and what they come up with. It is a privilege to meet with them each Tuesday. Karen, you got an upside down one too :>)) You might all be asking me what I have been drinking this afternoon... you know how you can delete a pic once it goes on????


  1. Wonderfully done collage, you guys have so much fun.

  2. Karen, these turned out so well! I love that quote you have on there, it is very evocative.

  3. Fantastic!!! Karen, job well done! Really wonderful!