Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday @ Mary's

We gathered this week at Mary's on the Peninsula.  Most of us continued to work in our folded paper journals.  Above is the front cover of Karen's book.  Evidently she finished hers!  Her cover shows her little pug as an angel.

Karen's.  Note the cigar wrappers.  Her sun looks rather piratical to me.

Karen's.  I love these images.

Karen's.  Fun how she used the torn strips of paper.


Karen's.  Love the Dance!

back cover of Karen's.

Now we are looking at Pinky's book.  She mostly finished hers too.  She used a stencil and water colors on the left side.

Pinky's.  I love the diamond stamped image that she enhanced with pens.

We thought the leaves on the left were stamped but Pinky hand drew them and colored them.  Nice work Pinky!


Pinky started this page at this point today, see below for her mostly finished page.

Wow!  So much hand doodling!



I think this is April's work, correct me if I'm wrong please.

This is what Mary was working on today with a stencil and water colors.  Great colors, Mary!

Karen was busy starting on her second folded paper journal, cutting images to use.

Mary and April, busy at work.

April was doodling away, preparing for the doodle class she will be leading on the weekend.  Cool Beans!
This is a page by Jan using some images, stamps and paint.

This is what Jan did today, using some paper buttons she glued down and used as flower forms, drawing in and coloring with pens around them.

Mary served up some home made chili (Delicious!) with English muffins and coconut cream pie for dessert!  Pinky brought sweets for everyone also.  Thanks gals!
It was another fun day.  See you next week.

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  1. What a lot of lovely work. Everyone is obviously enjoying these books. Thanks for going back to white text, much easier to read.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Maggi...and thanks for letting me know about the white lettering being easier to read! I will TRY to remember (Jan will help me).

  2. Thanks for the posting, Jan! Very, very nice! I wish we'd taken photos of your flower page in stages! It really is neat and it was impressive to see it go from a blank page to that lovely garden of flowers. Loved what everyone else was doing, too!