Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again...

On Friday, we had our annual Christmas party (a little late) at April's.  It had been several weeks since we have all been together and we were anxious to meet.  A bonus was that Amber, April's daughter, was down from Alaska on Christmas vacation.  We were able to enjoy her company for the whole day.  It was fun catching up with her and her AK adventures.

April had a real spread for our lunch and goodies for each of us.  We have to confess that we didn't do a speck of creating, but just enjoyed each other's company.

We did trade the calendar pages that we made for each other.  They were really amazing.  I think everyone agreed that they loved the pages that each of us made for each other...WOW!

 Above...Amber is sharing stories of Alaska with us.
 Jan is showing us her new pages to her calendar.  She made a really beautiful cover for her notebook and has each calendar page in it's own folder inside.  That way, she can journal and see the calendar page at the same time...great idea!
 Sorry this picture isn't a little more clear.  April and Amber on the last day in Birkenfeld.
 Mary is showing two one from Lyla and bottom one from Pinky. this picture is upside down!  Can't be perfect all the time, right?  Amber brought each of us little bottles filled with Alaska sand and beach glass and even some tiny shells.  She brought one for each of us.

Pinky is showing us two pages that were made for her calendar.  She is wearing her scrapper's necklace that daughter, Carrie, gave her.
 I'm hoping I'm getting this right...Jan made this page for Karen.  We were sad to hear that little Joe is no longer with Karen.  His health went downhill in the last month.  We all will miss him.
 April is pretty tickled with the page she is holding.  Each one is a piece of art and we all loved the ones we received.
 I'm really not sure what Jan is looking at in this photo.  I think it is her Christmas gift from Pinky...a blank journal.
 April is pretty happy with all the goodies she received from Lyla.  She is holding 4 postcards that Lyla made just for her.  She also received lots of cut outs, stickers, and other scrapbooking items.
Pinky loves "Hello Kitty" and April gave her a pair of  HK pj bottoms for Christmas.  She also got two boxes of rubber stamps.  She was pretty excited about that.

Not sure what day we will meet this next week.  We are waiting to see what April's work schedule  has in store.  We will be back to work in the creating department.  See you then!


  1. Mary, loved the post! You are so prompt, too! It was the most fun day, wasn't it? I love all my calendar pages!!! And you're right, Mary, each one is a piece of artwork. So special! I have sure been missing you girls. Hope that 2013 gives us weekly times to create art together! Can't wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Nice post Mary! Thanks for taking the time to make it. It was a fine time.

  3. YAY! I made the blog! :) So good to see you ladies!! Happy New Year! Love and miss you all!

    1. was sooooo fun to have you here with us. We enjoyed every minute with you!

  4. How fun. It looks like you all have a wonderful time together.

    1. We really do, Kristina...we have been doing this for over 10 years now. Glad you dropped in...

  5. It looks like you all had a great day for your Christmas get together and who cares if it was a little late?! Happy New Year!