Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday Surprise...

We met at April's on Friday instead of the planned Thursday due to snow in the forecast.  When Pinky and I came over the hill on Friday, it was just fine...little spots of ice, but nothing terrible.  It just felt good to be all together again and working on our own individual projects, as usual.

It seemed we were all working on different things and just sat around creating and solving the problems of the world all at one time...wonderful!  This was one of those days when April was sharing with us and we were laughing so much, we were in tears.  I love those days!  Laughter is such good medicine.

Jan brought each of us a fantastic white pen to use in our projects and a new pair of scissors each.  I tried my pen and so did April during our time together and I love mine!  Pink said she might try a zentangle on black with her new pen.  I bet that will look outstanding.

 Pinky's great zentagle above.  She did such a wonderful job on it.  We all want to try some of these.  I bought her a book for Christmas where you do one zentangle per day to learn the different techniques and as you can see...she took right to it!
 Karen's Christmas card with her favorite little pug, Yum Yum, on the front.  Karen missed a few at Christmas and was sending out New Years cards with notes today.  Each year she creates a card and has it printed to send out.  I always enjoy getting her Christmas cards.
 Jan looks like she is in deep thought about what she is going to put in her book next.  She is making an art journal book and we are hoping she will give us some pointers on how to do this.  She helped us all make smaller versions of this, but we all thought this looked like a pretty good challenge for the future.
As you can see, Jan has gone through and put the basic color on her pages and now is starting to decorate them.  I can't wait to see it when she is done.
OK, Jan...was this Orange page yours or Karen's?  I didn't write it down like I usually do.  Maybe Jan can come on here and say something more about this.  I completely blanked out on who's this was.
 Mary was working on post cards and this cover for a journal she will give as a gift.  I am having trouble with pictures on my new computer and you can see by my journal and April's below...cannot figure out how to turn a photo that is the wrong way...forgive me.  I will get it together one of these days or Jan will come behind me to correct my goofs...what are friends for???
 April's June calendar page started for Pinky's calendar.  She realized she needed to make Pinky at least one calendar page that was left off.  It was so fun to watch her just put this together.  She does the neatest lettering.
Pinky always makes her iris folding look so easy, but it really isn't.  A person has to have a lot of patience for this technique and Pinky has that for sure.  She looks like she is getting an early start on next year.
Karen took down April's Laurel Burch teapot and drew these cats from it.  They turned out so cute.  She used some of April's paint pens to color them in.  I love the looks on their faces.

We are shooting for  Thursday this week and hope you will join us on the blog after that to see what we are up to.  See you then...


  1. Great post. Bet the air in that room is charged with creative energy. Hope your weather cooperates with the next group day.
    xx, Carol

  2. Carol, we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, sparking further creativity. It is a wonderfully never ending cycle.