Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MONDAY???? What is going on?

 April was showing us her new pens for the art classes she is taking online.  They come in a beautiful assortment of color.  Carolyn is cutting out squares from her son's old athletic tee shirts.  She will make this into a very creative quilt for his bed.
 Karen is working on cards.  I thought she might be working on more art journal pages.  She is hooked on them, but took time out to make a few cards.
 April was working for a few minutes and came up with this fantastic design.  She was working on shading techniques.  See below in more detail.
 Carolyn is carefully cutting out the squares for her quilt.  It was fun to have her with us for a visit.  She lives close to Jan and Karen.
 These are three of the cards Karen was working on.  She can take something a person might throw out and work it into a card or journal page just perfectly.
 Mary was working on carved stamps and did 5 altogether.  These are 3 of the ones she made.
 This is a close up on the detail of April's drawing with the shading technique.
This is the feast April prepared for us.  There was salad, chicken salad sandwiches and yummy pecan bars.  It was wonderful!  Thank you, April.
Look how far Pinky has gone on her new rag rug.  She added a few rounds of hot pink and it just set it off. What a nice present this is going to be.  Good job, Pink.

We met on Monday instead of Tuesday and I am all messed up now...thinking this is Wednesday :>))  April is driving again and Tues just wasn't going to work, so being the flexible gals that we are, we switched to Monday for awhile.  It was so good, however, to have April with us for the full day.

We will be meeting at Mary's this next week.  We all have been working on our flags as they are due on June 12.  I understand there will be a birthday bash on June 4 with an all out shopping spree and meal(s) in town...can't wait!

You might wonder why you don't see Jan.  She had to leave early as Rocky (her faithful dog-friend) was not feeling good and she felt she needed to take him home.  Jan was working on another chemo hat of a beautiful varigated yard that would brighten anyone's day.

Come visit us again next week!


  1. Forgot to thank you, April for the atlas pages...how fun will those be to use?

  2. Fun times! Nice work gals, love those stamps Mary.

  3. Nice projects. Love the rag rug and all the art.

  4. I definitely need to move to Oregon!
    What a fun, lovely, creative day! YOU GO GIRLS!


    1. We would love to have you move this way, Anne. God bless your day.

  5. Oh....my girls! I love you so! Thank you so much for changing days for me! You are so dear to me! Jan, so sorry you and to leave...hoping that Rocky will feel better. Karen, nice cards (like always)! Pinky, your rug is just turning out beautifully! Your friend is gonna love it! Mary, you MUST think about selling your carved eraser stamps! They are done so well. I think you are gonna be totally surprised at how popular they will be. Caroline, it was wonderful to have you with us. I thought you fit in perfectly....and, NO, you didn't talk too much. Just one of the gang!!! Your son will love his T-shirt quilt. Thanks for posting, Mary. Looking forward to next week....already!!!!

  6. You ladies amaze me with your combined talent it's always enjoyable visiting this blog to see what you've been up to. Mary, your carved eraser stamps are wonderful and I agree with whoever it was who said you should start selling them. Pinky's rug is coming along beautifully. How do you manage to keep it so flat? Every time I make a round or oval one they curl. Jan, I'm sorry to hear Rocky isn't feeling well. Hope it's nothing serious. Karen, your cards are very attractive. I love the colors you're using. April, it would appear you're learning a lot with the classes. It seems you're becoming a master with the pens. See you all next week.

  7. Hey Jan, I hope that you read this. I am attempting to get back into the blogging world again. Love to catch up with you. Sorry your dog was sick, hope it's okay now. Just got back from seeing my mom. Let's talk. Hugs, Cameron