Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun Tuesday At Karen's...

We all met at Karen's for the day on Tuesday.  April was working, so she joined us around 2 in the afternoon.  She shared with us some new water color crayon-type colors that she just purchased.  The colors were bright and beautiful.  She just added water to them and it looked like she did the whole painting in water color...fantastic!

Karen provided a yummy and healthy lunch for us all with cheese and meat on skinny bagels.  They were so good.  She had fruit and nuts and great coffee.  Thanks, Karen!

Jan worked on some cards and part time on a hat she is making.  3rd and 4th Pictures down...You will notice that on Jan's cards there is Chinese lettering.  Karen gave each of us some clippings from a Chinese newspaper.  Jan used hers right away...
Karen worked on some art journal pages.  See the 6th picture down...
Pinky was putting rows of bright pink on her rag rug  7th picture down...
Mary was designing and carving rubber stamps.
When April got there, she drew us a picture with her new water colors, so we had a demonstration.

The birds were out in full force at Karen's.  I think she is luring all the birds in the entire neighborhood!

Karen's daughter, Keely, brought her back a beautiful tile from her Australia trip to see her son.  See the 5th picture down.  The second picture is some postcards of the same type of art work.

Thanks, Jan, for posting the pictures below and here are a few of what everyone was doing.


  1. Such a fun day, girls! Glad I finally made it! I'm not sure if I could function if too many Tuesday went by and I didn't get to spend them with you. Speaking of missing a Tuesday.....Pinky & Mary, have a great time visiting with your little brother. We'll miss you but I'm glad you get the chance to 'go south!' Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for posting more photos and info about our day, Mary.

  3. Girls,
    My giveaway win package arrived today. I just opened it! WOW! It was filled with things and I thank all of you, especially April. I was blown away by all the beautiful handmade cards in the little box, April. They are lovely. There is a lot of work represented in the package and I appreciate it. Thank you so much.
    audrey ♥

    1. Glad you were the winner, Audrey! I love making cards! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm not following you.

  5. I was happy to see your blog. I work a long side a group of french ladies from my village,the dolls were a great sucess. This week they are starting on a different kind of doll. None of them speak english but I manage with my french.We laugh and chat and also discovered we would all like to do some yoga. So a local young man was found and we meet weekly for that the cards and all your photos