Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stamp carving workshop

We had a stamp carving workshop at Pink's on the Peninsula. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and created some marvelous stamps to be able to use in our work.  Above is April diligently working.
As you can see, Pinky, Karen, James Brown and Mary are all hard at work.  "I feel Good!!"

This is Mary's marvelous work.

Karen Koyote carved this coyote. (she always wished her last name was Coyote)

Pinky carved diamonds.  They aren't her best friends but what the heck, she can play with them all she wants now.

Jan carved this one although the print is made before it was finished.

April tied a Celtic knot.

April also carved some cool cats.  She didn't think it was satisfactory until after she stamped it, then she liked it better.

Karen also carved a pug.  Isn't it delightful!  She has a little bouncy black pug back home.

These are two stamps Jan carved and also shows the tool we used to carve these.  It is very easy to do, if you have ever considered trying it I hope you will.

Thanks for hosting us Pinky!  I think everyone enjoyed this and some of us will be trying more carving.

Next week, PARTY TIME!!! a special Monday event.
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  1. Evidently Mary and I were in a contest to see who could get a blog post up first and we didn't even know it! we were just so excited to share.

  2. Thanks to both you girls. It WAS a fun project. Jan, thanks for offering us this fun workshop! I think they all turned out pretty fantastic, didn't they?

  3. I want to do this. Where do I go to get the tools for it? Every one of you should be pleased with your stamps, they're fabulous.

  4. Hi Maddy...Most art stores carry the carving tools and the blanks. They are the same carving tools they use on linoleum block printing. These pink blanks that Jan got us are really easy to carve and very fun.