Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KarenL's birthday bash

Karen doesn't look as though she minds having another birthday.

We took her out to breakfast in Astoria, where she opened her multitude of wondrous gifts.

We were all excited about celebrating another birthday. Not only did we get to watch Karen's excitement over her gifts, but we all got to go SHOPPING with her!

Here we are in the newly opened JoAnn's, finding the best bargains.

We went to the art supply store, JoAnn's, Goodwill and then topped it off with lunch.  Good thing April's car has a big trunk!

I do believe we shopped till we were ready to drop.

Check out April's bag of goodies. We were so busy we forgot to admire the gorgeous view of the Columbia river in the background, with Washington state across the way. All in all it was another fabulous day with the gals. We celebrated on a Monday for a change so we could have Valentines Day with our sweeties. You gals are my sweeties!

 Thanks for the fun day and the Valentines! See you next week at Karen's.
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  1. It was such a fun day with you all!!! Monday has me all goofed up. I think today is Wed! :>)) I love you all, dear friends.

  2. It really was the best day ever....and it wasn't even a Tuesday. Wonderful breakfast at Stephanies, all that shopping, and then lunch at Doogers....so fantastic! I loved watching Karen opening all her loot. . . and what a bunch of loot she received. So cool! When I dropped her at home, Don came out to say how much they appreciate us including Karen in our group. You, know....I can't remember us without her...can you girls? She fits us perfectly! That art store was great...but I have to say that the new Joann's was fabulous. I spent so much money you'd think it was MY birthday. And of course, who can't appreciate Goodwill!!! I was so tired when I got home...but it was a GOOD tired! <3
    I see that Jan claims that we are all her sweeties...but I think we all KNOW who she really considers 'her sweetie!' (sorry Pinky!) By the way...where's that butt shot, Jan?
    Happy Valentine's Day, my sweeties!!!

  3. Jan, I know that you took a picture with yourself ...so where is it? (note to self....bring your camera next time....so that we can catch Jan on screen)