Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ocean Park Tuesday At Pink's...

I had more written down, but just realized Jan and I were posting at the same time, so went ahead and erased it.

This was a very fun project and stretched us a bit creatively...

As usual, just fun to see what everyone came up with. It might be fun to trade stamps and stamp some paper with each and return them...

Monday, we are all meeting in Astoria for Karen's birthday bash! Can't wait!!! She gets to pick where we go and where we get to eat!



  1. Jan, I think we were working on a post at almost the exact same time :>)) Wasn't that a fun project???

  2. You all did such wonderful work making your rubber stamps. I keep looking at the tool used and it looks so familiar to me like I might have used one befor but I can't remember where or when. Have fun at Karen's birthday lunch.