Tuesday, January 31, 2012

S and B at Jan's

This week we met in Jan's studio.  We had two special guests, Cathy from Portland and Gwen from next door.  Here are Pinky and Cathy, having a good laugh.  Cathy brought two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to share.  Yum!  Thanks, Cathy!

Gwen spent her time sketching, when she wasn't laughing and eating ice cream, that is.

Karen was creating cards....

and so was Mary....

while Pinky was working on her next crocheted rug...

April was creating some special gift boxes and Jan worked on some little folded books.  Both April and Jan joined in a Pay It Forward gift giving project where we will give away a hand made gift to friends who then agreed to give away hand made gifts to who ever will agree to give hand made gifts to...well, you get the idea.

Mary frequently is the photographer and doesn't get included in the blog photos.  I snuck this one in of her.

See you next week at Pinky's! 
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  1. It looks like you all had a good time. Great seeing everyone looking so happy. Pinky, that rug looks like it's going to be beautiful. I love the colors. April, the gift boxes are lovely. What are they made from? Karen and Mary, I'd love seeing some photos of your completed cards. It's great seeing how creative you all are. Hugs

  2. It was great to see Cathy AND Gwen! A wonderful day! Madeline, my gift boxes are just made from 2 pieces of card stock. I will fill them with homemade cards & envelopes, wrap them in a sweet little ribbon and send them off in the mail for my 'winners.' Fun project! Can't wait for our Stamp Carving Workshop next week at Pinky's. Yay...thanks in advance, Jan!

  3. It was an especially fun day, wasn't it? So neat to have both Cathy and Gwen there with us and so much laughing going on. I love it!!!

  4. Beautiful, so nice to see the picture of Mary. Not sure why I was not on the list of followers as I thought I joined months ago. Guess I was wrong.
    Love your blog and am happy to be following it now.