Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Laughing At Jan's Till We Cry...

#1 Jan's hand made raven stamp. (we are hoping to do a workshop on these)
#2 April's hand made gift box
#3 Left...Pinky Center...Cathy Right...Karen
#4...Mary's Answered Prayer Box (used old wooden thread spools for the legs & antler button)
#5...Jan's Vintage Family Portrait Box (used old family portraits for top, inside, and front)
#6...April's Box (used bronze wood beads for legs, elegant papers, and ribbons)
#7...Pinky's Stash Box (used letter beads, wooden bead legs, hand made papers)
#8...Karen's Raven Box (used a card sister, Lyla, made for the top, unique papers, and cut out ravens for decoration)

Today was one of those days. One thing led to another and we were laughing big time and so much that tears appear...the best medicine a doctor can recommend.

Thank you, Jan, for such a nice day. The muffins were wonderful, the coffee yummy, and the friendship amazing...

We all brought our cigar box challenges to share. Pinky gave us all small cigar boxes to alter. It was so much fun to see what each one did with theirs. I know that three of them had crows/ravens on them. I thought that was interesting... Take a look at the pictures to see what each of us did with our individual boxes...very fun.

We had special guests today. Cathy Otto was with us and so was Gwen Jarvela. It was just fun to visit with them both and do some catching up. Cathy was working on a hat for herself and Gwen brought a sketch pad and sketched most of the time she was with us.

Jan gave us each some wooden beads to use as legs on this cigar project or ,maybe, a future one. Thanks, Jan!

Jan was working on a special project, making little booklets...April was making hand made boxes out of scrapbooking papers...Pinky was working on a crocheted rug...Karen was working on cards, and Mary was working on Valentines. We all were on a roll...

See you next week at Pinky's on the Long Beach Peninsula!


  1. Mary you beat me to it, getting your post up first. Thanks, my friend. it was another fun day!

  2. The cigar boxes turned out so nice! Don't you just love every one? And girls...I just LOVE our time together. Can you believe that it's been 10 years? It's been a delight, my friends! Really! So Valentine's Day is coming up, girlies!!! (Hint! Hint!)