Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We're Alcoholing...With Inks :>))

We met at Karen's this Tuesday and had several hours of fun working with alcohol inks. We all brought some items to work with. Jan brought some two sided dominoes without dots and some neat brass tags, Pinky brought some pendants she found on the coast and some tiny dominoes, April brought some glasses and a flower frog, and I (Mary) brought some light switch plates. As usual, we all shared inks & supplies that most of us forgot! April, bless her heart, brought us plastic gloves, which were really necessary and all forgot to bring...except Jan :>))

I realized I didn't take pics of the pendants and only have mine to show as an example, so am hoping Jan might pop in here or April and post a couple pics of theirs too. They were fun to do.

The inks most of us used were Jim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks. You can find them at most art supply stores or larger craft houses. With these inks, you put drops on an absorbent pad and dab them on the item. You can use several colors if you choose. You at a drop or spray of another product (help me here, Jan or April...the name) that makes the inks do wonderful things...spreads out the ink and makes wonderful neat to watch what happens.

The pics show what each of us did on the switch plates and I am hoping April will post her glass work. They turned out wonderful!

Top L April, top R Karen, mid L Pinky, mid R Jan, bottom Mary (you can see how the additive sprayed or dropped on makes the inks spread...very coooool.

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