Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fun with S&B's

Here are a couple of photos from last week at Mary's when Sharon came and guided us in a project that involved sea shells, glue and glitter.

I'm sure Mary showed photos of the finished work last week. These are "action" shots.

We all had fun but missed Pinky.

This week we met at Jan's and here are some calendar pages that Lyla made for Pinky's calendar. Very festive!

Since Lyla can't join us she has to mail all the pages to us after we send her the size requirements. You can tell she knows that Pinky likes kitties. Heck, we all like kitties!

Above shows a page Pinky made for Jan's calendar. So much detail!

Even I like kitties so Pinky made me (Jan) a calendar page with her own cats featured on it.

Our long lost member Gwen showed up for a surprise visit, it was fun to catch up with her a bit.

Pinky, April and Karen busy with their projects.

Mary worked on a calendar page.

Karen was making cards.

Pinky, stoically crocheting on her latest rug.

April continued to create her travel journal. It is coming along wonderfully.
Jan worked on her crochet rug too, rolling her strips into a ball. Not exciting enough to show a photo. Truth is I forgot to take one.

See you next week at Pinky's!
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  1. Thanks for posting, Jan. It was a fun day, wasn't it???? I was laughing so hard I was crying. Tuesdays are special for sure. It would be neat to post a pic of your new quilt, Jan. It is striking.

  2. Oh, yes...Jan, get your newest quilt photo up. I really liked it. You are inspiring! Your work ALWAYS makes me want to do something, if I could just follow through. Thanks for posting, Jan! We're quite an industrious bunch, aren't we? And we have such fun doing it, too! Good to see Gwen! (Long time, no see!)