Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Pinky!!! And Many More...

Today, we not only had fun working on alcohol inks, but we celebrated Pinky's birthday! What a haul this woman made!!! She received lots of scrapbooking supplies, dishes, a beautiful pot (lime green, of course) to put a plant in, name it, she got it! It was fun to watch her open all her goodies. Most of us garage sale and find some great things during the year for birthday...very fun.

Pic 1...Birthday card April made for Pinky
Pic 2... Pinky opening presents
Pic 3...Wade figures April gave Pinky
Pic 4...S & Bers
Pic 5...Same


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  1. Thanks for posting Mary. It was a grand day, certainly better than last year for Pinky's birthday. I hope this one made up for that one. All the creative things we made were so much fun! thanks everyone for sharing your supplies with us. I put my light switch plate up already. I only have one place that it could go and there it is.