Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday...Our Favorite Day!

It was a little quiet on Tues without Pinky there. She had company from Portland for a visit. I drove over the hill by myself and realized just how much she and I talk when we travel along...very quiet!

April shared the story of her mom giving her a beautiful hand stitched stool. It was passed down from her grandmother to April's mom, to April. April hopes to pass it on to Amber one day. It was a present to her grandmother on her 40th birthday from a friend. What a wonderful present to get on your 40th BD.

I don't know if it was because Pink wasn't there, or what, but I think all of us were on snail mode. I plugged along and did some Valentine ATCs, Jan worked on making April some beautiful envelopes from a recycled calendar, Karen worked on cards, and April worked on Valentines. We all did get something done, but kind of dragging. Do you ever have days like that???

The meal was yummy and we all went on overload with food...sooooo goooood. Thanks, April.

We talked about having a give away on our blog and what we would each add to it. We are all thinking this will be really fun. More on that later in the month...


  1. Nice post Mary. We sure did miss our Pinky girl! Just wasn't the same without her. I didn't get much more done today, what is the matter with me? I'm glad the rest of you were a bit more productive than I was.

  2. weren't the only one...I was dragging too...not sure why. Snap out of it girl :>)) Me too!