Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tuesday At Pinky's...We Missed You!!!!

First of all...We missed you all!

We did have a fun day, however :>))

Pinky fixed us a wonderful sandwich of black forest ham...very yummy!

She worked on Iris Folding cards...some Valentines and some not. She has a way with color and the schemes she chose for all of them were great. She tried a fish this time and it turned out fantastic. She folds all those tiny pieces that make up the design on the cards. It is pretty time consuming, but the outcome is one of a kind.

I worked on Valentine ATCs. I only put on one pic because it is one I am sending to a friend. Actually, I just realized I sent her a card and was going to put this inside and didn't...sheesh! She will get her ATC a little late, I am afraid.

I also tried a card I had seen at the local scrapbooking supply store. Every other square is raised up with cut foam under. I wasn't happy with it, as the only color of foam I could find here was pink...yes, pink. I should have done the card on a dark background and used a dark foam. It would have hidden much :>)) I will try it again, however, because I do like the look of it.


  1. Pinky, your iris folding cards are just beautiful. I especially like your little 'fishy'. He looks like something you would see underwater! So cute. Mary, I am really intrigued by your new style of card. I love the flourishes on that rose design, too. Maybe you'll be able to show us how to make them.....a future workshop? I know I'd like to learn how to do it. Sorry we missed coming over! Not only because we didn't get to see you girls, but just LOOK at those SANDWICHES! Whoa, SCORE!!! :~D