Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday At Pinky's...

We were so sorry that a series of events prevented the other three from making it to the peninsula on Tues. Pinky and I trudged forward, however, and had a really fun day! Pinky made me the yummiest ham and cheese sandwich and a hot cup of tea. We both worked on cards and were surprised at how much we got done.

The pics below show Pinky's tea bag folding cards. They turned out just beautiful! She makes these look so easy, but I KNOW they aren't.

I worked on an anniversary card for Matt and Jessi. Can you believe it is 4 years??? I also made a couple cards for friends and some spares. It was a very fun day.


  1. So sorry we missed getting over to your house, this Tuesday, Pinky! Wow, just look at those sandwiches! Yikes! Now, I'm REALLY sorry! :-) Really beautiful tea bag folding cards, Pinky. You really have found your niche!!! Mary, cute card...I like the face on there. Did you add the crackle effect, or was that on the paper you used? It's a nice effect. Looks great!

  2. The sandwiches look delicious but those folded cards are really superb! You keep getting better and better!

  3. Lovely cards and Pinky's studio looks very full of supplies.

  4. What a wonderful paperflower in the middle of your post, such a nice idea to fold that with paper or has it something to do with tea bags? Wondering about that?