Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Yes, it was another terrific Tuesday.  We met at April's and had as our guest Cathy again, she comes clear from Portland.  I took only one photo of her and it didn't turn out so I won't post it here.  I did send it to her so she could see how I made her look rather like a zombie.  Not for showing to the world;-)
Pinky brought her altered cigar box and we all agreed it turned out great!  I love the color.  She used paper and additionally added some gold pen markings on it.  The top element is a smashed bottle cap with a cute bird on it.  The whole box is so spare and elegant, just lovely.  Well done, Pinky!
April worked on hers some more, she wasn't satisfied with it last week.  She sanded it down, added more papers and shaped elements.  I love the tiny perfume bottle that she is using as a knob for the lid.  She still intends to do further work on it.  And artists work is never done!

 Karen was creating cards.  She makes great unusual cards.
Mary was creating Christmas cards.  Here is one example.  Wouldn't you love to receive one of these hand made cards?  Jan was working on a needle felted piece, doing some hand embroidery on it.
Cathy brought these scrumptious shortbread cookies.  Heavenly!  Thanks Cathy!  April had put out plenty of snacks too so we all left a pound or two heavier, but with light hearts. 
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  1. When everybody of your group finished his box, wouldn't it be a nice idea only to make one post of it, also when already shown on other posts. The newest are very femine in a way, both are looking charming to me. (I just translate it how I would say it in my language, sometimes it is not correct in English, but I think you understand what I mean.)

  2. Hi Ladies,
    I love your Tuesday reports. The cigar boxes ar so charming. Looks, like I'm using the same expressions as Anja *lol* Must be our language *lol* I would love to see them all in one picture too.
    The cards are stunning. I would love to watch Mary and Caren to create them.

    Can't wait til next Tursday comes. :-)
    Hugs to al of you.

  3. What a sweet group to create with!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, that is a good idea, to post all the boxes together at once. We may not ever have them all together at once again to be able to take the shot though. maybe I can make a mosaic?