Thursday, November 18, 2010

The blue beaded heart is Jan's latest beading project. On the upper right side you can see where she used square beads and topped it off with a tiny seed bead. It is such an interesting look. Double click to see the detail. The other four pics are her pages that she did for Karen's calendar. We all really like the body building page :>))

On the pic closest to the top, Jan replaced the barrel racer's head with Karen's...pretty fun!

She also did a page of dogs of every kind with one even looking a lot like Rocky.


  1. To see more of Jan's work (like the heart) go to:

  2. I have Karen's calendar now, so I've gotten to see these pages up close. They are so cool! I especially like the photo of Karen horseback riding. So cute, Jan! As for the body builders....a little 'sweaty' for me. Teehee!!! The beaded heart is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Love the square beads!

  3. Oh I didn't saw this heart before, very lovely as all of Jans hearts are. hihihi the bodymen, you are really very cute