Thursday, December 17, 2009

Origami Bags by Jan

These little origami fabric gift bags were constructed using a tutorial that can be found here:
Good instructions, easy to follow. You just need 2 fabric squares of any size. I used approximately 10 inch squares for these bags. They will be used to enclose the little felted ornamental balls I made that are also in the first photo, to be given at Christmas. I used Christmas fabrics but any fabric could be used, depending on your whim, your stash, the season, or the gift recipient. They could also be embellished with fibers or beads. I didn't do that since I was in a hurry to finish.
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  1. Those are really cute little gift bags. You posted on Dawg for ideas to display ACEO's. That's a hard one... I have a few small albums made just for ACEO's and I have also added some magnet strips to the backs of clear plastic sleeves and put them on the refrigerator. You should post this question in the dog group in the chat thread, more members will read it there.

  2. Jan, those are such cute bags. One of these days I'm gonna have to give them a go...just gotta find the time. Yeah, right! Thanks for sharing the site...I should have time to at least look at them, you'd think. :0)

  3. Whoops...the above comment was actually me. I signed in as Mary, cause I forgot that I could sign in as me. I'm creative...not smart! :0)

  4. Those are sooooo neat, Jan! Hey...that might make a fun workshop...what do you think???