Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Did It Again!

Went to S & B and forgot disk for my camera. Jan was working on a wonderful little piece with beading. April was working on Christmas Cards. Our friend, Joan, was able to come this time and we were so glad to see her. It was a crazy day with lots of laughing going on. We discuss the most amazing things :>)) Karen was working with her favorite thing...paper and Pinky too. I worked on some Christmas cards that should have been done a long time ago...Tuesdays are always incredible days together. April made two beautiful wreaths and of course...I wanted to take pictures. One was a green wreath for outside and the other was one made of all kinds of pine cones...just beautiful. I feel bad about only adding pics of my cards, but will make up for it as we go along...hoping to take my camera each time to get pics of my friend's work. These are the cards I worked on.

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  1. They are wonderful, Mary. Thanks for sharing some of your card kits with me. I'm afraid that I really didn't do them justice. Preoccupied with hostessing...although I realize NOW that I didn't refill the coffee pot. Sure wish you girls would just speak up! :-) It was a wonderful day.