Monday, December 28, 2009

Clear Rolling Pin With Shells...

I found a clear glass rolling pin in a garage sale for one dollar and put about an inch of genuine Long Beach Peninsula sand inside. I then went through my basket of shells and found any that would fit inside...also some tiny rocks and pieces of drift wood. The neat part about this shell container is that you can just roll it a bit and have a whole different scene...soooooo cooooool! Since then, I have found a pink clear one and another clear one to fill. Haven't done those yet, but will. I love reusing items to make something completely different.


  1. Mary that is cool - what a great way to show off some of the collectibles from our lovely area.

  2. Mary, what a fantastic idea! This one looks great! I would think those would be great 'sellers' (don't you?) if you could bear to part with them after putting them together. Soooooo cooool!!!! (Missing you already!)

  3. I really like this, Mary. They would probably sell if you ever wanted to try. But I'll bet it is even better in your house, being turned every now and then.