Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winner of third give away and fun at Jan's

Two weeks in a row we were able to get together!  That has been rare this winter in spite of our efforts and desires.  We met at Jan's and our first order of business was to choose a winner of our third give away.  It was April's turn to choose a number, she chose 7 and that made Nita our winner!!  Congratulations Nita, April intends to deliver the altered cigar box and goodies in person to you.  Nita is our second local winner.  Our first winner, Anja, lives clear over in Germany, so these last two winners will be easier to deliver.
April took over Jan's camera and snapped this shot of Jan and Mary.  We had all ordered more of Lyla's books after seeing the one she contributed to our first give away.  They arrived in time for us to pick out our favorites. 
As you can see, Pinky is very pleased with her choice!  Just try and take it away from her!  On second thought, you better not.

Here are the books that Lyla sent us.  We picked our favorites and Jan will list the other one in her Etsy shop for sale.  If you want it, better hurry on over and buy it because I don't think it will be there for long.   Here is a link:
I haven't listed it yet but am going to do so right now. 
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  1. Congratulation Nita!

    I like the fotos, you all look very relaxed, you are a real team I recognize, very sympatically!

    And what wonderful books, I am still looking forward and will write you at once when mine arrives!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. WINNER: Nita! Yay! I dropped her felted box full of goodies off at Nita's work this afternoon, and she was so excited. I know she'll be able to fully appreciate it once she gets home and has a chance to finger EVERYTHING! How fun! Congrats, Nita!

  3. I love my book, Lyla! It's the one with the pink cover! (It's so totally the BEST one, although I KNOW the other girls will claim theirs are the best. But, well....they just aren't in the KNOW, like me! :~D It was a wonderful day!

  4. No, Fox book is the greatest! :>))
    Hee Hee :>))