Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Tried Crocheting a Rag Rug...Fun!

April and Jan had taken a class to make crocheted rag rugs and helped us all get started on one of our own. It is really different than working with yard, but very fun.

Pic #1 & 2 Jan is showing us her new needle felting machine. As you can is very light. Jan used her regular machine to sew together the strips that Pinky was using to start her rug. Pinky, April, and Mary helped rip the sheets to make the strips.

Pic #3 is of Jan and Karen trying to get serious about starting their projects. Note that Karen is not crocheting!...I think she likes that as much as I like knitting socks :>))

Pic #4 is of April's circle rug in 3 colors. It just looks fantastic. She tells us it takes ripping two - three sheets to make a full rug...more if you want it really big. I think hers looks great! I thought I had the pic of Jan's heart shaped one on her, but see it didn't get posted. I will try to put it on the next post.

Pic #5 is April teaching Pink how to crochet. The rest of us had done some, but I sure needed some refreshing and Pinky was just learning. She was doing fantastic!

As usual, it was a fun day together. You couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of friends.


  1. Gosh, you always look like you have so much fun when you get together to create things. And you make the greatest things!!! That's it! I'm moving to Oregon!!!
    ♥ audrey

  2. My grandmother used to make crocheted rugs and some of them would be area sized. I still don't know how she did it with her arthritis. They were beautiful; she sewed for people, so always had an abundance of scraps for everything, including quilting.
    You girls have too much know that??? ;-D


  3. This looks like fun. My grandmother used to make rag rugs, I am not sure if they were crocheted or braided but I loved them. They were perfect by the sink in the kitchen. You guys are doing great with yours.

  4. Hi girls,

    today was the day of your giveaway *yeah* it arrived save at my place more than 5000 miles away from your place. I was sitting outside in front of my house in the first springsun. Now I am owner of a book I can read many many times never get bored always finding new nice little items, which are so lovely. Ah and so many cats are inside and all the other funny expression which let me smile and being so amazed about the richness of ideas for every single page. Lyla just now I am holding your book in my hands and I am so lucky about that, thank you!!!! I can imagine it was a lot of fun for you to make it. Just now I am also listen to Jan's music, Jan you are my soulsister the music shows it to me!! I see at the foto that April is wearing her heart, I also love to wear it.
    I wish you good success with crocheting!!

    A group hug to all of you


  5. We had so much fun this day! Pinky...nice job!!!
    Audrey, we ALWAYS have room for one more. Come on over! Anne and Marlene, how fun that your grandmothers made rag rugs. That's so neat!!! That would have been something that I would have liked to have had and saved!!!
    Anja, so happy your altered book arrived! Isn't it wonderful? Lyla is so talented!!! We each bought one of her books, so we can all experience the same joy now, as we enjoy each and every page (I wear my beaded heart pin that Jan gave me, all the time! I love it!!!)
    Thanks for posting, Mary!!!

  6. I enjoy making rugs..great way to use up fabrics. I enjoy seeing what all you have been creating