Thursday, February 11, 2010

KarenL's birthday

Jan wrote:
It was another great day in our group. This was KarenL's first birthday with us and she seemed to be rather delighted with the occasion. We all gave her some cool gifts, some handmade, some brand new and some purchased at garage sales. Mostly they were all art related. She could hardly wait to go home and look through her loot!

After she opened her gifts we tried out a little playing with alcohol inks on dominoes. Everyone made some gorgeously colored ones. No one is quite sure what to do with them except maybe make more. They are fun.

Finally we pulled out our most recent ATC's and did a little Valentine trade. These are all the ones that we traded. We had a bit of a discussion here as to whether we should arrange them all mixed up and crooked or all straight in an organized fashion for photographing purposes. As usual, we compromised and did a little of both:-)
See you next week at April's!
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  2. Okay, here I am again. Thanks, Jan, for posting Karen's birthday party photo. We had a great time watching Karen open up all her loot. What fun! The alcohol dominoes were SO FUN!!! I was going to go to Joann's today, but forgot my coupons, so I'm going tomorrow. I'm gonna get some of my own alcohol inks, and maybe some new stamp ink. I'd like to try some of the artwork that was shown at this site, that Jan shared with me. This gal is so talented...sure got me inspired to give it a go. Take a peak and you'll see what I mean. I'm gonna make my Valentine ATC's tomorrow, and although you'll get 'em late, at least you'll get 'em!
    :0D Have a great week, my fellow S&B'ers!

  3. Mary said: Thank you, Jan, for showing us about the dominoes and the alcohol fun!

  4. The domino's and the atc's are all wonderful. Make necklaces out of the dominos, they look great that way with added beads or by themselves.