Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joan Unwrapping Her Presents.

These pictures show Joan opening two frames that were put together by Jan of ATCs that we all made. She has no pictures as of yet, so we thought this would be a fun present. Jan did a great job of filling the frames. The other pictures are of Joan opening her quilt and the matching pillows. She really had fun opening all the goodies. We all, also, made Joan a journal to keep track of life in her new home. Each of us did several pages in the book until it was full. We left pages blank for her to write on. We just had so much fun making these presents and watching her open them. There was lots of laughing going on that day...good medicine.


  1. It is so nice to see Joan, and also the presents to take her into her new abode and make it a real home.
    I have followed along with Jan, and am thankful to see her look so happy!!!
    Bless her!


  2. How wonderful, the pillows are beautiful. Joan looks so happy.

  3. Mary you got some good pictures! Joan looks as though she is having a blast! I sure had a good time. It was fun to finally be able to give her all the gifts we so secretly made. Your pillows really turned out fabulous! Everyone contributed so much, Joan's reaction made it all worthwhile.

  4. Yep, I think she had a good time at her 'New Home' party. I know I did. I'm also so happy and relieved for her to finally be into her new home. Hopefully, she will settle in quickly. Getting her lost furniture replaced will help a lot with that. She is one happy lady!!!