Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mary Can See The Floor!!!

 I had to send these pictures so all my S & B buddies can see that I can actually see the floor in the room upstairs where I work.  Everything is in a drawer.  It is amazing!  While Kit was doing his work in the remodel of the bathroom that he didn't need help with...I worked in the room.  Some went to the Goodwill, some went to Consign Me, and the rest found places in drawers.  Now, when Pinky comes to stay for the month, she will have a place to work where she isn't tripping over everything to make a card!  Figured out how to put the pictures on the blog while I was at it :>))

                                    Yes, Yes, Yes...I can see the floor!!!  It was there after all.


  1. Here I was thinking I got the pictures right and I look at it and there are huge pictures along with the med sized ones! Will I ever get it right on this Mac? I love it in lots of ways, but having trouble with pictures...sorry gals.

  2. Mary, you DO have a floor!! Who woulda thunk it? hahaha! Boy, you've been industrious! Now you and Pink will have plenty of room to create! What a fun month you're gonna have together! Enjoy it! Then we can't wait to see their new house. That'll be fun! Thanks for posting, Mary! I think you did a great job...Mac or not!

  3. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you had so much stuff! What great organization! what a great floor! I can just see you and Pinky working up there and laughing your heads off having fun. Is there room up there for all of us? I know how much effort this takes to do. congratulations. Well done!