Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gang's All Here!

We all went to the Vernonia Quilt Fair.  It was a lot of fun, the quilts were beautiful, the lunch was delicious.  We had hoped to find more garage sales but there were only a couple.  Still, we had a blast together, as always!

I thought I would show a few more photos of the masking fluid workshop we had earlier this week.  Above is Mary's cat, she is still applying the fluid using a toothpick.

Now she is beginning to paint it after the masking fluid is all applied and dried.

Now the painting is finished and dried and she is beginning to remove the masking fluid.  It is very easy to remove, just rolls right off.

After all the dried masking fluid is removed, she drew around all the white areas that were left behind with a fine black marker to enhance the white.  Notice the little mouse in the kitty paws?
Hope you enjoyed the almost tutorial.  Thanks to April for sharing the technique with us!  I loved it! 
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday At Mary's...Long Beach Peninsula

What a great day it was!  April had promised us that we would have a workshop on a new painting technique that she has learned.  She thought we would all get done and then move on to other projects.  We all had so much fun with this one that we all made at least two pictures.  

We used a product that is like a rubber cement type texture and dries to be totally removable.  The process kind of reminds me of a batik process because you are putting on the product, letting it dry, painting around it, removing it when all is dry, and outlining the white parts that are left.  It is a very interesting finished picture and very fun to do.  I know I didn't explain this like April would and maybe she will come on here and add some notes to make it clear.  Anyway...very fun! 

On This first picture below are Lyla's flags that we just received from Redmond.  She did such a wonderful job on them.  L-R went to Mary, Jan, Pinky, April, April, and Karen.  I can't wait to add mine (Fox) to my string upstairs in the craft room.  Thank you, Lyla!

Here...Jan is using a pizza cutter and dipping it in the product and covering her outline on her picture.
 Pinky is drawing freehand the crow/raven on to her watercolor paper.

 Here she is erasing any pencil lines that are still visible.  She used Twinkling H2o paints that sparkle.
Karen's painting is dry and the product is removed.  You can see the white outline that is left.  Karen will then go over the outline with a fine point sharpie pen.
 Mary's cat still has the product on.  You can see the gray lines.  She will rub those lines and the product will come off leaving a white outline like Karen's above.
 April's heart is actually all done.  She has removed all the product and outlined in black...beautiful!
 Mary's second picture is a sunflower.  You can see she is about halfway done outlining in black.  She also used the Twinklin H2o paints for a sparkling finish.
Pinky is starting another picture with a lot of detail.  The other girls had left, but I got to see it all painted and forgot to take a picture!  It was beautiful.
 Karen did two...the raven and the bear.  Both turned out fantastic.  She, also, used a metallic type paint for effect.
 Jan's second project was this colorful pup that resembles a Laurel Burch painting.  I think she had lots of fun working on this project.
 Jan's first painting was this woman.  Everyone just loved this one.  It was perfect!  Note the neat jagged look of the white neat.
This is a close up of Pinky's Raven all done and the white outlined.  We all loved this technique and really want to do some more of these.  We were talking about it and thought it would be good to keep the originals and make copies to put on cards, etc.

I think we were all happy with our results.

Friday we are all going to meet at April's and go to the Vernonia Quilt Show, have lunch and look at quilts, visit the craft room and try not to buy toooo much, and hit some garage sales in Vernonia.  Yes...most of us are addicted to garage sales.  We even drug Karen into it!  We are hooked!

Due to April's new job, she won't get to be with us as much.  That will seem so strange.  She is hoping to join us once in awhile on inservice days at school and maybe be able to join us in the afternoon once in awhile.

Not sure what we are doing next week yet...Jan has to be gone and April will be working, but hopefully Karen, Pinky, and I will be able to get together...sooooo see you next week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday At Pinky's On The Long Beach Peninsula...

What a great day at Pinky's on Monday!  We all had projects and worked away while solving the problems of the world.  April announced that next week at Mary's she will be showing us a new style of painting.  We are all looking forward to that.  She gave us a list of supplies to bring and we will be making some papers to use on other projects in the near future.

We have another birthday bash coming up in the next couple months, so we need to be thinking of a place to go and where we want to eat.  The birthday girl gets to pick it all...after is her day!
Pinky...November 5

This was a mistake...this huge pic of my postcard...sorry.  Really don't know what happened...
Above, April worked on cards for most of the day.  She can really turn them out.  I think she said she was making gifts of packets of cards.  What a neat gift to receive!
Above, Mary was working on some postcards and some Halloween cards.  She even decorated her envelopes

 Above is Jan working on her new rag rug.  She said it was made out of rayons...different types as she said some crocheted easily and the black was a little stubborn.  I'm loving the contrast on it.
 Something tickled Karen in this picture...She was working on some wonderful Halloween cards and told me to take a picture without looking at them...Oh, sure, Karen...

Below, Pinky was working on some beautiful cards that she was embellishing with different colors of metallic threads.  They were outstanding.

We are meeting at Mary's next week and anxious to see what April has in store for us.  She said to cover the table, so I am thinking this might be a little messy, but fun.

See you next week.