Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Tuesday At Karen's...

It is always fun to go to Karen's. Her house is decorated all Western and so many fun things to see. Thank you, Karen, for all the goodies to munch and the good company.

Blue Tuesday was April's birthday and I have enclosed some pics of that special time.

We all did a lot of yacking and concentrated on the birthday fun! April didn't want to go back to work...she wanted to go through her birthday stash.

Last week when I made my flag book, I wasn't happy with the binding part and was planning on taking it apart. When we all talked it over, I decided just to put the pages in and finish it. The next one I make I plan to take more time on the binding.


  1. Happy Birthday to April, looks like you all had a fun day.

  2. I love that picture of April! It really captures the joy she takes in everything! Isn't she cute!! Don't you just love her!! I do.

  3. Mary said: It was so fun having April's birthday actually fall on a Tues...she had such a good time opening her presents. It was just fun to watch her.

  4. Oh, I couldn't have had a more fun day, girls! Thanks for capturing it!!! You all are tooooo good to me. I've been through my stash SEVERAL times, and, boy howdy, did I SCORE!!! Thanks to all!