Thursday, April 19, 2018

April's birthday!

Once again we celebrate a birthday, this time it is April's.  Between the 5 of us it seems as though we are always celebrating one birthday or another.  We met at Karen's and had fun watching April open her gifts.
 Sorry April!  this picture doesn't show the delight she takes in receiving these gifts, but she is like a little kid, opening her presents so gleefully.
 Some fun things from Pinky.  We all know how much April enjoys pens, can't have too many!
 Gifts from Jan including a silly card she made without benefit of Photoshop.

 A gorgeous watercolor painting made by Gwen.
 Pinky brought a pie from the pie shop.  It was peanut butter and oh so rich and delicious!  No candles so April had to fake blowing them out.
 These are gifts from Karen.  Lots of paper crafting items.
It was another fun get together.  We were all painfully aware of the absence of Mary, who passed away a year ago.  Next week we plan to meet at Pinky's.


  1. Happy Birthday April. How fun to be named April and be born in April!! You got very thoughtful gifts from some great friends. Each of you have your own unique talents. I love reading about your get togethers.
    xx, Carol

  2. This looks like such fun!
    I can see the warmth of your friendship in your photos xxx