Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Lyla!!!!

Happy Birthday to our long distance buddy in Redmond. We are hoping you have an extra special day.
Much love,
April, Jan, Pinky, Karen, and Mary

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Don!

We had a great day at Karen's today. She provided us with coffee, tea, and goodies to munch on.

Each of us seemed to be working on something different today. April was getting ready for a book mark making class at her church. Karen was working on cards. Pinky was working on her crochet rag rug and then April talked her into making a little monster book mark. She is holding it in the pic of her. Jan was working on a newly started beaded piece. Mary was making a couple of crochet dish cloths.

Today is Karen's husband, Don's, birthday and we all sang him Happy Birthday on his special day. He brought us up some pics of him and his band from the 60's...a pretty handsome fellow.

We are meeting next week at Mary's. April talked to us a bit about a challenge that sounds really interesting and challenging. We are all up for it!

Today is Tuesday...You Know What That Means :>))

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KarenL's birthday bash

Karen doesn't look as though she minds having another birthday.

We took her out to breakfast in Astoria, where she opened her multitude of wondrous gifts.

We were all excited about celebrating another birthday. Not only did we get to watch Karen's excitement over her gifts, but we all got to go SHOPPING with her!

Here we are in the newly opened JoAnn's, finding the best bargains.

We went to the art supply store, JoAnn's, Goodwill and then topped it off with lunch.  Good thing April's car has a big trunk!

I do believe we shopped till we were ready to drop.

Check out April's bag of goodies. We were so busy we forgot to admire the gorgeous view of the Columbia river in the background, with Washington state across the way. All in all it was another fabulous day with the gals. We celebrated on a Monday for a change so we could have Valentines Day with our sweeties. You gals are my sweeties!

 Thanks for the fun day and the Valentines! See you next week at Karen's.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stamp carving workshop

We had a stamp carving workshop at Pink's on the Peninsula. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and created some marvelous stamps to be able to use in our work.  Above is April diligently working.
As you can see, Pinky, Karen, James Brown and Mary are all hard at work.  "I feel Good!!"

This is Mary's marvelous work.

Karen Koyote carved this coyote. (she always wished her last name was Coyote)

Pinky carved diamonds.  They aren't her best friends but what the heck, she can play with them all she wants now.

Jan carved this one although the print is made before it was finished.

April tied a Celtic knot.

April also carved some cool cats.  She didn't think it was satisfactory until after she stamped it, then she liked it better.

Karen also carved a pug.  Isn't it delightful!  She has a little bouncy black pug back home.

These are two stamps Jan carved and also shows the tool we used to carve these.  It is very easy to do, if you have ever considered trying it I hope you will.

Thanks for hosting us Pinky!  I think everyone enjoyed this and some of us will be trying more carving.

Next week, PARTY TIME!!! a special Monday event.
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Ocean Park Tuesday At Pink's...

I had more written down, but just realized Jan and I were posting at the same time, so went ahead and erased it.

This was a very fun project and stretched us a bit creatively...

As usual, just fun to see what everyone came up with. It might be fun to trade stamps and stamp some paper with each and return them...

Monday, we are all meeting in Astoria for Karen's birthday bash! Can't wait!!! She gets to pick where we go and where we get to eat!