Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicken stamp challenge

Here is Jan's Chicken stamp challenge pieces. Pretty boring, I know. Since we didn't get together this week I thought I'd show you here because I will probably forget otherwise. These are greeting cards, btw.

This is the best one. I think I'll send it to Martha since she likes birds so much.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Totally NOT a TUESDAY!!!

No photos today, because we didn't get together. Karen didn't say what her plans were for today, since Mary had jury duty (I think sh'ell be busy with that for three days!), and wasn't able to come 'over the hill' to Karen's place. I bet Karen will be crafting! :-) She is probably in her studio right this minute enjoying the chipmunks, the birds, and her doggies, too! Pinky is probably crafting at home, least I hope so, and has plenty of company with her two kitties. Just got off the phone with Jan and she said she is 'putzing around today.' We know how much company she has with her Buckutaslugs! :-) I (April) am trying to clean our house, so that it will be pristine for when we get back from our trip to Alaska. The OLD motorhome we bought (from Craig's List) isn't quite what it was cracked up to be, so, Bob, is trying to put it together well enough to get us up there and back. He has made several "parts runs", so is enjoying himself, inspite of the challenge. In the meantime, Amber and I have STACKS of STUFF all over this house. Stuff for her to take to Unalaska, Stuff for us to put in the motorhome, Stuff for her to use while on the 4-day ferry ride, and .....just STUFF!!! It's exhausting! Missing all your girls already. Have fun these next 3 weeks. I'll see you soon. Keep on CRAFTING!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday at April's...

Kathy Otto joined us today (Tuesday) for the day. It is always good to see her and see what she has been up to. She worked on crocheted hats today and showed us a beautiful painting she did of dancing shoes. It looked like a photo. It was so clear. I can't post a pic here as she had it on her camera for us to see.

Amber, April's daughter, was with us today and was also working on a calender for Alaska. We always enjoy it when she can join us.

The following are pics of all of us doing various projects. Pinky has started her 2nd rag run in greens and tans, Karen was working on altered books and cards, Jan was tearing strips for her next rug, April was working on a journal for her Alaska trip, & Mary was working on strips for another rug.

April shared lots of goodies with us that she found at a garage sale. She found beautiful cards at the Sister's quilt show and shared those with us also. Kathy brought several things to share with us also. That is one really neat thing about this group. If we find something coooool, we share it with each other.

A Farming We Will Go!

Pinky challenged us to use her stamps of chicken wire and chickens, along with some of Karen's stamps of various farm items and make something. The following pics are of the results. You will note that Jan's are missing????? Is she a party pooper?

Number 1 Mary's
Number 2 Karen's
Number 3 Pinky's
Number 4 April's
Number 5 April's

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pink Tuesday in July

We all gathered at Pinky's on the peninsula for our 5th of July meeting.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, quite welcome as we have not had a lot of those this season.  Above you can see Mary's creative mess which she turns into what you see below.

Mary's creative cards and tags. 
  All these gals are so good at combining papers, inks, stamps, embellishments and odds and ends, and turning them into beautiful small works of art.

Pinky enjoyed making her first crocheted rug so much that she has decided to make another.  Here she is, tearing an old sheet into strips.  It is a very dusty job!  Also in front of her is a pile of rubber stamps.  She purchased them unmounted from the going out of business sale at Scrolls Works.  Pinky mounts her own stamps and saves a lot of money that way.  Maybe she can explain how she mounts them, in the comments section.

Karen was also busy working in one of her journals.  She has been using images her father drew long ago.  He tended to draw cowboy type figures and was quite talented.  I guess we can see where Karen got her talent for art and her love of cowboy related things.  The drawn images are unique and show what a flair her dad had for these caricatures.

I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture of what April was working on but she too was working with  paper and making cards.  And taking a few notes too, evidently.

Jan finally finished her second crocheted rug after having to tear half of it out the first time around due to its overly wonky nature.  It lays fairly flat now.

After she finished the rug she went on to doodle in her book in some similar colors.

Rufus, Pinky's cat, slept through most of the visit in spite of the presence of Rocky.  Good thing for Rocky.

See you next week at April's!
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